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Bhuta Kola Ritual of Udupi

Bhuta Kola is a ritual of worshiping Gods performed by the Tulu community of Dakshina Kannada districts of Udupi.  It is also performed in Tulu Nadu. The word Bhuta means spirit of supernatural power and Kola means a ceremony for powers. It is being followed from ancient times and is still followed in present day. In Indus Valley Civilization, Goddesses had been a sign of fertility and Bhuta Kola defines the worship of these goddesses.

The whole coastal Karnataka is famous for this dance form. Costumes, make up, music, dance and dialogues are intricately planned before hand to create a divine atmosphere. This dance form is also performed in Kasargod district of Kerala. Tulu Nadu is famous for tradition and culture. Nagardhane is also another such ritual for which Tulu Nadu is famous for. The villagers believe that worshiping spirit is a must to keep their village flourished and away from any dangers. They have adopted this art from their ancient tribal era and the performers behave like an incarnation of the spirits who is there to solve the problems of devotees.

Bhuta Kola

The dance form is a complete package of rituals, literature, music and theatrical elements. They are worshiped as well wishers of the village. The main part of Bhuta Kola is the delivery of dialogues. Through their performances they solve problems and aware people of the village about the upcoming calamities and followers. Tulu Nadu follows a two way method of worshiping; one is the worshiping of god and other is worshiping of the spirit. The god is worshiped in the temple by priest and followed by followers. While spirit is associated with villages and they visit from village to village.

Variations of Bhuta Kola dance form

The dance form has many variations derived from the ancient stories and devoted to spirit likes Annappa Panjurli (boar), Mula Mysonday (buffalo), Pili Chamundi (tiger) Mother Goddess, followers of lord Shiva Virabhadra, Guliga Baikadthi Nenjacanya, spirits of real heroes like, Koti, Chennayya, Kalkuda Kallutri, Siri Daiva Raja etc. It is really a pure and different culture of worshiping and offering prayers.

The main aim is to satisfy the spirit. If the spirits are not satisfied then devotees put on these special acts and perform various rituals. Bhuta Aradhane is still in successfully performed by the people of Tulu Nadu. It is also a way of entertaining people. They wear various accessories like bells to add some drama to their performances. There is a close resemblance with Theyyam; an old custom of the land. It is especially performed during the night to bring out the best effects. This is followed by the people beating drums etc. People who perform this dance also take bath with oil to purify themselves. Some people criticize this tradition but the village people have a strong believe in it and hence they do the best they can to hold this culture and preserve their tradition.

So, this is about all you need to keep the spirit of the tradition alive. Go and have lots of fun. Make a strong wish and follow the tradition with full devotion to full fill your desire.  It is now our duty to keep the tradition of our country alive. You will definitely love this tradition and you will definitely enjoy the merriment.

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