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Guthu House of Udupi

Guthu Houses in Udupi

The big houses of coastal landlords were known as Guthu house. Constructions of these houses were done at such a place where there would be a clear view of green fields. The manor consisted of separate places for household, cattle shed, servant quarters and places for other necessary activities. Since this type of a house was a costly one to be constructed, only a wealthy landlord could afford and maintain such a house.

A point was made to make these houses attractive and catchy in their designs. The Dakshina Kannada climate was kept in mind while chalking out the design of the house. The people who used to make these types of houses were intensively trained and talented traditional artisans. Materials used in the construction were clay and hard wood, which was mostly used in making doors, windows, stairs, pillars etc. and exclusively skilled carpenters were assigned for the task.

The owner of a Guthu house used to live the most luxurious style and had servants for every type of work; like separate ones to take care of household work and separate ones for looking after the cattle reared.

Elegance of Guthu Houses

One such example of such a lavish Guthu house is the Badila Guthu. This house was built in 1909 and completed its 100 years recently. It was designed by skilled architects from Kerala. The house is very large and has 21 rooms and also has separate spaces for paddy fields, cattle sheds etc. The house was built by the famous architect, Dooma Rai.

Dooma Rai was the founder of Bunts Community; a community which brings together owners of such houses. There was a private judiciary system brought into action by the Badila Guthu house and this also holds the right to run the temples as per old rituals. There was a grand ceremony organized to facilitate the family members. The paddy fields of the Guthu House produce rice and other crops in abundance.

Many people visit the house to look at its elegant architecture. Even film producers have used this house in many of their films. Famous actors like Rajnikanth, Chiranjeevi Sarja etc. have done shooting of their films here.

It is believed that over 310 families and more than 700 hundred family members are linked with this house and its history.

Now constructions of new Guthu Houses have ceased and only the houses which are already in the being are taken care of and maintained properly.

If you are planning a vacation to Udupi then do not forget to visit the coastal areas and Guthu houses. It will really make you feel attached and very close to the tradition. It is an amazing experience which cannot be described by mere words.

A huge house with numerous rooms, an open area; it almost seems like a separate hotel in itself. After visiting the place  you can take help of local people or an area guide to know about the place and Guthu house in more detail.

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