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Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village in Udupi

There is the need of restoring and preserving India’s culture because somewhere down the line it is becoming extinct and present generations are not aware of their past culture. In Udupi, to conserve India’s tradition wealth, culture is protected in the form of art, craft etc by the Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village. Some examples of traditional work and museum are Raja Ravi Verma Lithography Press Museum, Tanjore Art Gallery, Jangam Math, Ganjifa Art Galley etc. Some other great museums are Bhatkal Navayat Muslim House, Vaderhboli House, Mangalore Christian House and Malabnd House (it is 160 year old).

Hasta Shilpa Heritage Village in Udupi

Main Attractions in the Village

Kunjur Chowkiman

It is the oldest and first house built in the village. It is about 185 year old. It is basically located at Yernal. It is house of the Shivalli Brahmin priests who were farmers and later become landlords. The construction of the house is old and antique. The two story building has separate place for storing of grocery and kitchen items. There are windows at ground level of the house which help in maintaining proper flow of air and light.

The house is well designed and is equipped with an auto- burglar lock. This type of locking pattern is usually found in the coastal area of Karnataka. To resist the heat inside the house the arrangement of ceiling tiles have been made with special air gaps. The house also provides space for sparrows to come in and go easily. The architecture of house is inspired by the book named Manushyalai Chandrika, written in the 15th century.

The house is divided into four directions. The centre of house is open to let in fresh air. The house consists of large rooms for women and one master bedroom. The room on top of the roof is used for collection of old antique vessels. The most interesting thing about the house is that no iron nails have been used in the entire construction it is only made up of 3000 cubic meters of timber.

Kamal Mahal

It is a 700 year old preserved building. It consists of private chambers for the Governor (Vijayangar Empire Chief of the Army). The pieces were brought from Kukanoor village and coded.

Deccani Nawab Mahal

The Nawab Mahal has an interesting story associated with it. The house is 220 years old and the owner was a wealthy Barid Shahi Nawab. The mahal is situated only 60 kms from Humnbad. The construction is done on mental calculation. The Mahal reflects the luxurious life lead by the royal family. The house is filled with imported items like German tiles and Belgian glasses. The lamps stair case is built with iron and was especially imported from Birmingham.

Mudhol Palace Durbar Hall

It is the place where the Ghorpade royal family resided and is 300 years old. The ceiling is made up of wood. The lamps were imported from Germany to make the house elegant. The roof is also intricately decorated and designed to ooze class.

Harihar Mandir

It is an old temple and is 400 years old. It was found soaked and broken in rainwater near Somwarpet. This is the oldest temple of the area. The construction is sturdy. The temple is carved with wood and the roof is divided in three parts.

Tanjore Art Gallery

It is a 200 years old art gallery attracting admirers of art from all over the world. The famous and world-renowned Tanjore painting was inspired by the Maratha King Sarfoji. The painting is done in Tanjore Gopuram style. You will also find another 108 paintings of Bharatanatyam Karanas.

This was all about the Hasta Shilpa Heritage village and the important role it is playing in protecting the culture and tradition of ancient India. When you will go there you too will feel the importance of art and more importantly the importance of preserving it.

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