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Parampalli Mangroves area near Udupi

Parampalli Mangroves area near Udupi

Udupi is turning into a hot tourist spot. This place offers you so much that you may not be able to cover every area in a single trip also if it is a short one you will want to come again to experience the vastness of Udupi; the land famous for temples and world renowned cuisine.

Udupi gives you everything from pristine sandy beaches to islands to coral reefs to back waters to river estuaries to mangrove areas. If you are nature enthusiastic you will definitely want to experience the beautiful and eco sensitive mangrove area of coastal udupi. Major mangrove plantation can be found at the estuarine systems of river swarna, seeta, kodi, udayavara and gangolli.

Such one small village of Udupi, parampalli on the banks of Kodihole River is host to ecologically important area of mangrove forests. Some of the species include Rhizophora mucranata, Avicennia alba, Sonneratia caseolaris, Aegiceras corridulatum and rare species include Avicennia officinalis, Bruguiera cylindrical.

Mangroves are floating evergreen forests lining across the coastal areas. They act as a boundary, as a coastal guard between land and sea. Their dense root systems trap rich sediments flowing down rivers and off the land and prevent them getting washed away to the sea. Mangrove forest areas are sort of miniature version of eco systems or probably they are themselves a small ecosystem. These damp, anaerobic swamp areas were considered as a waste of land and were cut in huge numbers to facilitate it as agricultural land. Only recently their importance has been highlighted and they are being developed in large scale and are protected. Because not only these floating salt tolerant forests are home to diverse number of species of flora and fauna they are protection against natural calamites as well.


Parampalli Mangroves area is 17kms from udupi. Kundapura is approximately 5 km which is a more popular area and is known for dense vegetation of mangroves. Nearest airport is Mangalore. Udupi is well connected through railways and road ways to other parts of country.

Attractions at Parampalli

Mangrove tourists, as they are known, are enthusiasts who like to hang around as close to the mangrove forests or even take small boat rides into them just to see the bustling marine and avian life inside. They waddle in waist-level water or even use a small hand-paddled canoe.

It is a photographer’s heaven.Apart from holding the status of village of Daiva Vanas or God’s forests or mangrove areas the village is also well known for shri narshima temple which is around 800 years old. It is one of the important pilgrim centers of Udupi. The Divine place is also one of the places to visit which is dedicated to swami Vivekananda and his guru. It is the place from where the founder of MTR or mavalli Tiffin rooms hails.

Only isolated areas of Karnataka are covered with mangroves. The spots most popular for mangrove tourists are Karwar and Ullal. Koondapur and parampalli are yet to utilize the complete tourism potential of their mangrove forests.

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