About Udupi

Travel on the NH 17 and you will be headed straight towards one of the most beautiful places in the state of Karnataka; Udupi, a name derived from its popular cuisine. Some also believe that the name Udupi was came from the amalgamation of Sanskrit and Urdu words ‘Udu’ and ‘Pa’ meaning ‘starts’ and ‘lords’. The place holds great significance to Hindu pilgrims. It is well-known all over India for the famous Krishna temple built by a saint called Shri Madhvacharya; a native of Udupi. The temple popularly known as Krishna Muth and is famous all over the world for its customs, traditions and special teachings of Philosophy known as Dvaita Philosophy. Preached by Sri Madhvacharya the teachings have become famous all over the world.

About Udupi

You will feel the warm vibes of hospitality and affection from every resident of this place. The place has a very homely atmosphere and though hundreds of miles away from home you will feel at home! The state has a very high literacy rate and as per calculated in 2001 it has a literacy rate of 83% even higher than the national average. Thus, Udupi is also a centre for education, banking and healthcare.

When in Udupi you will have the opportunity to taste the special ‘Udupi’ cuisine. It is absolutely vegetarian and its origin is linked to the Krishna temple. The cuisine is very famous and now even available in different parts of the world.

Know About Udupi

Known as the ‘temple town’ was carved out from Dakshin Kanada and the local language used around here is Tulu. Apart from that you will also find people conversing in Konkani and Kanada. Geographically Udupi is spread between the verdant mountains of the Western Ghats on the East and the Arabian sea-cost on the west. It is about 58 kms from Mangalore and 422 kms from the city of Bangalore. The land enjoys a warm summers and pleasant winters. Monsoon makes its way into the state around June and continues till September.

If you are interested in history and architecture of Indian temples you will surely enjoy every moment you spend in Udupi. Udupi is also blessed with magnificent beaches. You will simply enjoy a clear blue sky upon the tranquil ripples of sea waves. Famous beaches are Malpe, Bengre Hoode beach, Kodi beach and Mattu beach. If you are in Udupi it is a sin to miss the local dance performances, especially Yakshagana; a rich folk dance form performed by wearing ethnic ancient masks performed by men on the beats of Hindi and Karnataki music.

Nearest airport to Udupi is Mangalore if you are planning to travel by flight. You can travel by train too as trains run frequently from major metropolitan cities. If your stay in Mumbai or Pune you can avail bus services too.

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