Coin Museum Corp Bank

Coin Museum Corp Bank

The ‘Coin Museum Corp Bank’ is one of the famous heritage museums in India which provides information about banking history since its inception in 1906.

The founder president of the bank was Mr Haji Abdullah Sahib which has now been converted into a heritage museum. The bank wishes the museum to become a 'Financial temple' for the visitors. When you go through the collection at the museum you will find that due attention has been paid in collecting and displaying coins of ancient times and medieval times. The museum boasts of having more than 1,360 coins of different countries hailing from different periods.

The coins belong to dynasties such as the Mauryas, the Kushans, the Satavahanas, the Western Kshatraps and that of the Gupta dynasty. One can find coins from the Mughal era and from the perod of rulers like Akbar, Jahangir, Shahjahan, Aurangzeb and even from the Vijaynagara rulers as well as the Maratha confederacy.

The current market value of these coins is around Rs 42 lakhs! Therefore, numismatists and philatelists from all over the world never miss the opportunity of visiting the museum to witness for themselves the expensive collection.  

Coin Museum Corp Bank‘s collection is said to include coins of around 2066 years ago (55BC), arranged in racks for the visitors to be able to have a proper view of them. This museum is also famous for its huge stamp collection. The museum is famously known nationally as the ‘Financial temple’.

The Coin Museum Corp Bank in Udupi city of Karnataka is the major source of collection of coins and stamps in India. It is a huge attraction for the people of India as well as from all over the world. It is a one-stop tour for philatelists and numismatists.

It is also heart warming to see that the Government is also taking initiatives to improve the Coin Museum Corp Bank in Udupi.

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